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The World’s Favorite Range of Standing Desks

Since our launch in 2014 it has been our mission to convert sedentary offices to active, healthy and productive workplaces, by creating the world’s favorite range of standing desks. We are currently #1 in Europe and now Yo-Yo DESK® is growing super-fast throughout the USA.

Selling in more than 20 countries there are now over 100,000 Yo-Yo DESKS® out there - transforming the way office workers work. By enabling our customers to #sitless and #movemore we can help you to become healthier, happier and more productive.

Welcome to the Yo-Yo Desker® Community

Yo-Yo Deskers®
can now be found everywhere. Sitting or standing, more and more office workers are converting to Yo-Yo DESK® to move up and down at their desks!

From Government buildings to Royal Palaces,
From TV companies to global movie studios,
From ATP Tour to UEFA Soccer Clubs and NFL offices,
From NATO to Greenpeace,
From Charities to Universities,
From US Military to US Embassies,

As we continue to expand our range of standing desks solutions, Yo-Yo DESK® will always offer the best quality range at the most affordable prices.

Work Smarter. Work Healthier


There is no point in having a standing desk unless you are going to use it correctly. Far too often we see people standing at incorrect heights or leaning on their desks. Yo-Yo DESK® provide FREE GUIDELINES to ensure that everyone can adopt the best practices when starting sit-stand working.

Download our FREE GUIDELINES here.


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