• Mobile & Modular, so Move it!Mobile & Modular, so Move it!
  • Battery powered office podBattery powered office pod
  • Delivery 7-8 weeksDelivery 7-8 weeks
  • Mobile open office pod for any workplaceMobile open office pod for any workplace
  • Excellent acoustic booth for agile workplaceExcellent acoustic booth for agile workplace
  • Fabric made from 100% recycled materialsFabric made from 100% recycled materials
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  • Multifunctional: Meetings or Room DividerMultifunctional: Meetings or Room Divider
  • Made from recycled materialsMade from recycled materials
  • Configurable for 2, 4 or 6 peopleConfigurable for 2, 4 or 6 people
  • Move it. Configure it with a Fullback to create different spacesMove it. Configure it with a Fullback to create different spaces
  • Make your workplace flexible and agileMake your workplace flexible and agile
  • Highly sustainable production and materialsHighly sustainable production and materials
  • Move it around. Keep your workplace agileMove it around. Keep your workplace agile
  • Unique office pod easy to reconfigureUnique office pod easy to reconfigure
  • Fabric made from 100% recycled materialsFabric made from 100% recycled materials


Everyone benefits from Office Pods which just Keep Moving! Join the workplace revolution for improved wellness and productivity.

Move around with ease and safety
Flexible options, interchangeable
Fast Delivery
Available in 7–8 weeks
Made in Britain
ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & FISP
FSC Certified. 100% recycled materials
Move around with ease and safety
Flexible options, interchangeable


Moves easily & safely, with lockable wheels


Re-configure any space, again and again


For meetings, focus work, zoom calls or room divider

Features & Options

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Battery Power

Up to 3 days roof light charge life.

ECO Fabric

Made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic

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Quick Info

Today's offices need to fulfill a greater range of people's needs. YO-YO POD® acoustic booth, designed by experts to be maximize flexibility within an agile office:

  • Mobile

    moves effortlessly

  • Modular

    re-configure any space at any time

  • Multifunctional

    versatile for meetings, focus work, zoom calls or as room divider

YO-YO POD® is leading a workplace revolution to make offices more active and agile. Sustainably produced in the UK.

Designed to be neuro-inclusive, our extensive range of high-performance standing desks and mobile acoustic booth solutions will keep office workers moving and deliver wellness & productivity gains.

Our founder, Gavin Bradley, is the UK's thought leader on all things Active Working®, and founder of a community interest company dedicating much of his time to the non-profit work behind the Get Britain Standing® and On Your Feet Britain® campaigns.

Trusted Company:

Discover the excellence of Yo-Yo OFFICE® – your premier destination for meticulously crafted office pods, booths, and desking, all proudly made in Great Britain. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to sustainability, quality, and performance, ensuring that each Yo-Yo OFFICE® solution embodies these core principles

Join the ranks of delighted customers who have experienced the transformative power of Yo-Yo OFFICE®. Whether it's the innovative Yo-Yo POD® or the versatile Yo-Yo DESK® height-adjustable desks, our solutions consistently earn praise for the positive impact they bring to the workspace. Many clients express the sentiment that they wish they had chosen us years ago.

With thousands of satisfied customers, Yo-Yo OFFICE® has swiftly risen to become the nation's preferred choice for active and agile office furniture. Elevate your workspace with us and experience the Yo-Yo OFFICE® difference today.

Quality Products:

Yo-Yo POD®S are high quality, durable, stylish and most importantly highly sustainable. Made in Britain, we also offer an installation service and warranty for up to five years.

What sets us apart? Yo-Yo OFFICE® is not just a furniture company; we are pioneers in eco-friendly practices. Our factory is powered by solar energy, reflecting our dedication to a greener future. Moreover, we offer a unique upholstery and retrofit service to tailor our products to your individual preferences.


Experience the convenience of swift delivery with Yo-Yo OFFICE®! Our cutting-edge pods are shipped with efficiency, and we are proud to uphold a delivery commitment of 8-9 weeks for more than 2 units and 16-18 weeks for 1-2 units. Your workspace transformation is just a short wait away.


At Yo-Yo OFFICE®, we redefine customer satisfaction. Our valued customers rave about Yo-Yo POD® because we provide top-notch solutions of exceptional quality at more affordable prices. As a UK-based business, our expert sales staff are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the optimal solution to keep your office dynamic and efficient.

Choose Yo-Yo OFFICE® for prompt delivery and unparalleled customer service – where quality meets affordability for a unique flexible office experience.


At Yo-Yo OFFICE®, we are fervently dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our environment. Our sustainability initiatives encompass:


Embrace eco-consciousness with our fabrics, crafted entirely from 100% recycled materials. Our frames are constructed using 100% hardwood ply and water-based adhesives for a sustainable foundation.


Choose responsibly sourced furniture with our FSC certified tabletops, proudly made in Britain. This environmental label ensures that our wood-based products adhere to procedures promoting the sustainable management of forests.


Experience guilt-free unboxing with Yo-Yo POD® products, featuring 100% cardboard ECO packaging. We've eliminated plastics and polystyrene from our inner packaging for a more eco-friendly solution.


Empowering our operations with clean energy, our factory and warehouse are fueled by electric solar panels. Yo-Yo OFFICE® is committed to reducing its carbon footprint.


Invest in longevity and sustainability with Yo-Yo POD® designed for effortless re-upholstery and recycling. Our products are thoughtfully crafted, allowing both carcasses and fabrics to be easily dismantled and replaced.

Join us in making a positive impact on the planet. Choose Yo-Yo OFFICE® for sustainable, stylish, and environmentally conscious office solutions.

Call Our Experts:

(+44) 01793 575 082

Call Our Experts:

(+44) 01793 575 082